Fireplace or Firepit: Adding a Warm Note to Your Landscape

An outdoor fire element will elevate your entire landscape and hardscape design immediately after installation

Fire pit or Fire place, which is right for you?

Both outdoor fire pits and fire places are extremely popular with homeowners today. They add warmth and light and create a cozy ambiance for entertaining in any outdoor setting. Whether it is your family or close friends, everyone will enjoy socializing and staying warm by the fire. Outdoor firepits can extend the season and allow you to host events throughout the year. In the summer, outdoor firepits add to a cookout and allow people to roast marshmallows around the fire.

Outdoor fire pit installation is popular because there aren’t many restrictions. They are easy to build, reasonably priced, and can be located almost anywhere in your backyard or on your patio. Unlike outdoor fireplaces, they sit low to the ground without tall chimneys that can often block scenic views. Their small profile makes them a great outdoor feature for homes with large backyards as well as small homes with limited outdoor space.

An outdoor fireplace is a bigger focal point in your landscape. It can be designed to block an ugly view, add privacy, or create a statement in your yard that you can see from indoors as well. The downside? They take up more space, require a concrete pad to sit on, and you can only sit on one side.

Fire pits and fire places can be wood burning or fueled by gas. Gas fire pit/place installation requires a gas line that must be trenched and piped to a connection point at the house. This makes them a little more expensive to operate, but they are easier to use and maintain. Outdoor fire pits can be built in any shape and size. Most fire pits that are dug into the ground are round, but many above ground fire pits seen on patios and decks are often rectangular or square. Building materials typically include natural stone, rock, brick and concrete.

Both features offer a chance to enjoy cozy moments, enhance entertaining and extend the time you can enjoy your outdoor space. Plus, they’ve been shown to add value to your property.

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