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Meet Derek Taussig

Derek spent most of his life growing up here in Manhattan and working in the landscape industry. He started his original lawn care business as a young teen and ran it until 2003. He sold the business and joined the Kansas Army National Guard as a combat medic. When not deployed overseas he was working at professional landscape companies across the nation building knowledge and experience. After 8 years in the Guard and numerous deployments he ended his service to start school at Kansas State University. This is when Taussig Landscape was created in 2011 as part time business to get him through college. The business ended up doing so well he decided to take it on full time building it to be one of the local leaders in the landscape industry. 

When Derek isn’t working he enjoys spending his time with his wife and 3 daughters. He enjoys cooking and BBQ particularly when it involves his smoker. Most recently he has picked up running ultra marathons and has 5 scheduled for 2024 including a 50 mile and 100k events. He also has a passion for the outdoors and loves to hunt and fish whenever he can with a passion for archery hunting mule deer or whitetails every fall.   

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